Thursday, July 4, 2013


I hate my life I just hate it. I hate my family everybody. I wish I could disappear and nobody would care,  They would probably throw a party and celebrate if they would have done that I would have ran away a long  time ago. I still think about till this day. I thought all my suicidal and disappearance thoughts had went away, I was wrong. I told myself to start enjoying life and just look at it in a different prospective, Then again I was wrong. I can't stand when people ask one person to do something they would probably ignore them, doing something else, or just don't feel like it. They turn to me to do and when i get an attitude my family goes all Martin Luther King on me and it's really irritating, but unfortunately I can't say anything back. My Life SUCKS. everybody has some kind of condition that is perminet and they can't move so they pretty flucked up with health problems. I wish I a normal family like a perfect mother and and a perfect dad that sre married of course and a brother or a sister and live in california and the west coast in a 2-story house. and not live my  grandma I mean me and my mom do have a house but we have to stay over my grandma house because she can't do alot of things on her own. And i hate my cousin she always want to be sorry for herslef you know what I mean. and when somebody asks her if she wants something she say no and then a month later she be like oh nobody don't do nothing for me that's why i don't ask nobody do nothing for me then she blame herself for all of this I mean if she wants to blame herself for all of this go ahead I'm not stopping nobody beacuse i don't two cents about nobody beacuse I hate life I hate my family and I hate everybody.
Untill Next Time ~Sky.......

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Opportunity

Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough for nobody or if you try you know you're going to fail so why keep on trying then
it makes no sense to me. I wish I could be perfect and carefree to the world because right now I feel like crap on the side of the road begging for mercy. But I mostly feel insecure.
I'm the type of person who you can trust and protect you from good and evil. I'm the type who doesn't hang out with your enemies. I'm type you can who doesn't tell other people your secret or your regrets or problems over the year. I'm the type who bring days,weeks months,or years problems to the future because that old crap and this is a new year I would love to start fresh and new again and let all my problems go away but can't. Not with the phonies who like to bring drama into my.
I know I made some mistakes in life, haven't we all. But when I bring somebody's regrets over the the yeah its like "oh now see there we now I didn't even say anything to you and now you want to start stuff. no you brought it up and I continued so therefore I'm not the one who started all this drama. I can't people at my school its like they came from a different world
and I wish I was happier now then I was. I know I talk about perfection, invisibility,better places
in everything I write. But its like I could be free
with that little one step or that blade though me some of you think I'm crazy for thinking about suicide but if that's the only thing keeping me free then I'm obviously going to take that opportunity. ~Skylar

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Only The First Chapter

So I know today isn't Thursday but I decided to still update so my week we okaii I saw my best-friend Alexis it was like a reunion when So I know today isn't Thursday but I decided to still update so my week we okaii I saw my best-friend Alexis it was like a reunion when we saw each other. I haven't seen her since march. So I was so excited to see her. But today have you ever felt so invisible that if you ran away nobody will ever know you're missing, that's how I feel. I'm always afraid to go out in public,
 because I'm afraid of the comments, looks the
 pain I feel like a disgrace to my family because of my looks. I feel disgusted to myself because It was my fault I'm the one ego made myself like this I ate until I felt better I can't blame nobody for what I did. I wish I could rip all the fat off of me. I'm scared. I'm scared of how people think of me. That why I decide to starve myself. Maybe I can be prettier than I am.
 well that's it bye. :D